Created in:    Oregon
Is this where
they live?

Spirits of Many Faces
Please feel free to make an offer on any Wood Spirit!
my name is Clinton and I
carving these Wise O’l I
wanted to introduce myself
Characters. Each one is
carefully gathered from
naturally fallen Old Growth
Pine in the Mountains of
Oregon. Upon their arrival to
the shop they are all very
excited to come out of the
knots that they have been in
for hundreds of years.
Hence the carving begins and
so does their new life. Also
finding spirits in vintage
wooden items. All of these
spirits are unique in there
own way you will never know
how special they are until you
hold one for
Sold...Thank you!

Knots coming out of
their tree!

The last to decay is
the knot where the
branch comes out of
the tree.
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